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All-in-One eMobility Solutions

Discover the future of electric vehicle charging with Joltie!

Joltie offers integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions aiming to provide an ultimate experience for EV drivers. Our vision is to ensure that every EV owner has access to fast and reliable charging everywhere.


Public Charging

Joltie, is a member of the Eunice Energy Group, a Group with a vision to drive the future of the sustainable mobility. Eunice proudly designs and manufactures the first EV chargers in Greece in its privately owned facilities located in Mandra, Attica. The in-house Research and Development (R&D) departments, ensures the capability of the chargers with all the current and future technological standards in the eMobility field.

If you own a business with available parking space, you can join Joltie’s expansive charging network and easily become an energy entrepreneur.

The benefits of joining the Joltie electric charger network.

  • Reduction of energy carbon footprint: The use of electric vehicles contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and energy carbon footprint.
  • Commercialisation of charging stations: Chargers can be an additional source of revenue for your business, as each charging of an electric vehicle comes with a profit on sales.
  • Enhancing corporate social responsibility: Adopting sustainable practices reinforces your company’s commitment to a green and sustainable future.
  • Increase traffic to your business premises: Charging stations become a destination for electric vehicle drivers, increasing footfall to your premises with potential customers.
  • Access to a modern network of electric vehicle chargers: By participating in the Joltie charging network, you offer additional service to your customers through new innovative services.

AC EV Chargers

*Joltie AC chargers are manufactured in Greece by Eunice.


AC dual socket electric vehicle charger The EEG-2S-22P is a three phase, AC, dual socket electric vehicle charger designed and manufactured by Eunice. The model is available for ground mounting and is ideal for shared spaces where multiple electric vehicles can charge such as housing communities, schools, and recreational centers, shopping centers, healthcare facilities and workplaces.

Cylindrical AC Charger

The cylindrical model is a three phase, AC, electric vehicle charger designed and manufactured by Eunice. The model is a standalone unit, ideal for parking garages, schools and recreational centers, shopping centers, workplaces, hotels, healthcare facilities and outdoor spaces. The charger complies with all applicable European directives and meets all CE marking requirements. The Company’s ISO 9001 certification and internal production control ensures that a quality product is delivered to customers.


AC Charger Wall Box single socket charger The EEG-1S-22W is a three phase, AC, electric vehicle charger designed and manufactured by Eunice. The model is available for on wall or pillar mounting and is ideal for parking garages, housing communities, schools, and recreational centers, shopping centers, workplaces, hotels, healthcare facilities, even for small places where space is limited.

DC EV Chargers

Welcome the new era of advanced electric vehicle charging with the DC Compact 47kW (Dual Port) & DC Fast (60kW-240kW) chargers – the ultimate solution for fast, reliable, and efficient charging, available in three quality versions:

  • Fixed to the ground: The DC Compact charger is reliably integrated into the ground, offering 47kW fast charging. With this option, charging becomes highly accessible and durable, making it the ideal choice for high traffic areas.
  • Wall mounted: With the convenience of wall mounting, the DC Compact charger provides excellent 47kW charging without taking up valuable ground space. This option is ideal for space-constrained installations, offering high performance in style.
  • Movable Base: in addition to the fixed options, the DC Compact charger is offered with a removable base, ensuring flexibility and easy installation. This option is ideal for areas that require regular site reconfiguration, providing reliability yet convenience.

With the DC Compact 47kW (Dual Port) & DC Fast (60kW-240kW) chargers you are ready for the future of electrification. Select the edition that aligns with your requirements and embrace cutting-edge charging technology that elevates your electric vehicle charging experience.

AC & DC chargers enjoy a significant subsidy through the ‘Fortizo Pantou’ program. Through this program, a subsidy ranging from 55% to 70% is provided, covering the costs of equipment, installation, and network infrastructure (expansion or new supply).   

The basic requirements are the installation of the above chargers for public use, the provision of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the representation of the chargers by an Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Operator (EVCO). The above-mentioned subsidy can be used either by the FEVFHIO, if it bears these costs, or by the owner of the site where the charger will be installed, if it has concluded a cooperation agreement with a FEVFHIO.   


Residential Solutions

Joltie offers home charging solutions so you can charge quickly and easily. Choose from the wide range of chargers to find the one that suits your needs.
Monitor charging progress, set parameters, and check the status with a simple touch. Built-in communication technology allows remote monitoring and control via your smartphone, bringing comfort and convenience to your home.
Choose Joltie for a charging experience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

Joltie Home S

Joltie Home S comes in both single and three-phase version covering every need for the house (7.4kW). The chargers comes with an integrated Type 2 socket and a screen showing the available power of charging and the status of the charger.

Joltie Home T

Joltie Home T can be provided both in single and three-phase version (7.4kW/22kW) covering every potential need. Except from the integrates screen, these chargers come with a 5m cable, making the entire process of purchasing the equipment much easier.

Joltie Box C

The light body of the charger and the slim design makes the installation of that chargers quite easy case. With integrated LED indicators and a 5m cable attached, the charger is ready to be used in any residential application. It can also be delivered in single or three phase versions (7.4kW/22kW)

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