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Public Charging

The company invests with its own capital on building charging infrastructure in public access areas across the entire Greece. In that way, Joltie is ready to collaborate with companies, organizations and institutes providing clear and risk-free solutions.

Fleet Management

Joltie is ready to collaborate with companies that own EV fleets (school busses, cargo and logistics trucks etc.) in order to provide a tailor-made solution for their needs.
Some of the proposed services are:
- Billing and invoicing services for fleets - Technical control and management of the fleet- Competitive prices for our public network
Quality Service

Fast and Reliable Charging

High Quality Made-In-Greece Chargers

In-house Developed Software

User Friendly Mobile App

24/7 Customer Support


You can find Joltie charging stations by using the Joltie app, which provides real-time availability of charging stations and allows you to find a charging station near you.

The charging time at a Joltie charging station depends on several factors, including the size of your vehicle’s battery and the charging speed of the station. Joltie’s urban charging infrastructure mostly consists of 3-phase AC chargers (single or double socket) with a nominal output of 22kW per socket. Based on that, the estimated time for a full charging session could last from 1 hour up to 4 hours, depending on the EV’s specifications (OnBoardCharger and Battery Capacity).

EV drivers can easily top-up their accounts though the Joltie’s mobile application. After each charging session they pay by using their current balance. Payments are secured by Stripe, a secure online payment processing platform that ensures the safety of all transactions.

If you have an issue with a Joltie charging station, you can contact Joltie’s 24/7 customer support via phone (+30 215 215 1608) or email (
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